Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Oddities Thus Far

 This thing lives behind your eyeballs.
 Some nice, non-threatening robots.
 Juxtaposition of nature and technology.
 It dangles from ceilings and is unspeakably weird.
 One day we'll be more machine than man.
 The captain goes down with his ship. The cook goes down with his soup.
 My friend's cat licked my head. It was unsolicited. This is how it made me feel.
 I pressed too hard on the page before this. Filling space, killing time.
 Is there really anything wholesome on TV? 
 Halloween's coming soon.
 Glory fades.
 A worm.
 We just try to keep them in there.
When given the hypothetical of what a "hot, vintage, religious" poster would look like.